• Our acquisitions team will ONLY consider purchasing homes in A or B class neighborhoods where we feel the home will have the best chance of appreciation both in equity and rental amount year over year.
  • We will NOT purchase homes that we are not personally willing to buy and keep ourselves! In fact…We do just that…All of our properties are first acquired by our Property Spot team and then renovated to our high standards before being sold to an investor.
  • We are able to find properties at below market value from purchasing distressed properties at local auctions, estate sales, wholesale or off market sales, tax delinquent or foreclosures, as well as marketing direct to sellers via mail.
  • Every property must go through our rigorous process that we affectionately refer to as the property colonoscopy. We have every property inspected by a professional, several contractors and sub contractors will provide estimates for repairs, and we have to analyze all rental and sales comps in the area to make sure the property you buy will have no issue renting for what we say it will.
  • We ensure the renovations are done by qualified contractors and manage the project from start to finish. We use the same maintenance prevention criteria on all homes, just like we would on our own investment properties.
  • Top items we have thoroughly inspected by professionals, serviced, or replaced are Roof, HVAC, Water Heater, Plumbing and Electrical.
  • We use products that will withstand multiple tenant turnovers.
  • This results in a property that your tenants will love and increases the average tenant stay.
  • We help you through the entire closing process and a tenant is able to move into the home.
  • The contract is a turnkey purchase contract with a $5,000 Earnest Money deposit.
  • You must be 100% satisfied with the work before proceeding.
  • The buying process can take 30-120 days to complete depending on the need for renovations and lender.
  • Once renovations are 90% completed, we introduce you to your Property Management team and begin the search for a qualified tenant. The goal is to have the property leased by closing.
  • We will send you professional photos, video and/or 3D walkthrough of your property once work is finalized.